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The swipe test definition May 17, 2018

The swipe test definition

The swipe test is where you take your clean finger, and swipe it briskly across the finish with the wax on it. If the paint is clear, without residue where your finger made the swipe, the wax is ready to wipe-off. If the area you have swiped is smudgy, or streaky, or there is noticeable wax in the swipe area, then the wax has not set-up long enough and you should allow more time for the wax to set-up before your remove it

If you remove it before it has set-up, you will risk removing too much of the wax from the surface and thus leave less than engineered to remain behind on the finish.

Once enough time has passed and your coating of wax swipes clear, remove the wax using a clean, soft premium microfiber polishing cloth such as Supreme Shine Microfiber polishing cloths, or with a clean, 100% cotton, terry cloth towel like our Ultra Plush Terry Cloth towels.