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Comparison of natural palm wax and synthetic polymer sealing agent May 16, 2018

Comparison of natural palm wax and synthetic polymer sealing agent

Palm wax, as its name suggests, is extracted from Brazilian palm trees and is very hard and almost transparent in its natural state. Many car owners and auto fans have always insisted that natural palm wax can create richer, deeper, translucent effects than other protective products, especially in dark paint. The use of palm wax can not only make the paint surface have good water repellency, but also can to a certain extent resist slight injuries. However, in most cases the durability of palm wax is poor. For example, in the case of the weather in the United Kingdom, the durability of intermediate palm wax averages only about two to three months. It also depends on the parking environment, seasonality, and car usage. .

Compared with palm wax, synthetic polymer sealing agents (referred to as sealing bodies) are made of relatively advanced technology. The formulation is very complex and usually adds polymer components to increase durability. Some automakers believe that they are from All aspects are superior to other paint protection products, at the same time can create a very lubricious feel and provide long-term protection. In the same situation as in the previous paragraph, the endurance of the seal can reach three to four months (what if you don't understand the foreigner, it takes only one month, it's not a qualitative leap at all), and then the effect it shows is relative. In the case of natural palm wax, the brightness has decreased, and even for some paint defects, the sealed body has an enlarged effect.