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What is the best sealant or wax to use on solid white and light metallic/pearlescent colours? May 17, 2018

What is the best sealant or wax to use on solid white and light metallic/pearlescent colours?

Many people find it difficult to achieve a brilliant finish in pure white and light-colored/pearlescent colors, no matter how good they prepare their car paint. This is because the lightness of tone impedes a high degree of reflection capability, and as such makes it difficult to achieve any complete clarity and depth of the end. Further, the lack of reflective power will also limit the amount of wetting the vehicle paint looks like as less glare appears in the finish. However, these problems can largely be overcome by selecting synthetic polymer capping agents to replace natural palm wax as an LSP. This is because the encapsulating agent tends to coat an exceptionally smooth, high-density surface coating, which is far more efficient than reflected light for a microscopically rougher, less dense natural palm wax coating. High, and this can add a significant amount of wetting to the look of the paint, just as more glare appears in the finish. In addition, this same smoothing feature also minimizes any light scattering caused by the microstructure on the paint surface, meaning that the reflection image is given greater clarity and depth, and the presence of metal Pearl's glorious flake receives more transmitted light, and thus looks more eye-catching from the base (a phenomenon that is commonly seen as a flake pop).

We prefer the Werkstat Acrylic Kit for the best results in pure white and light-colored/pearlescent colors from the wide variety of synthetic polymer capping agent systems we stock. This is because it delivers an incredible reflection capability, which is characterised by surprising clarity and depth, and makes the metallic and pearl-lustrous patch layers look from the base color more than any other product we used before. More eye-catching. Indeed, in the colors of the light-colored metal that we have dealt with, when viewed in direct sunlight, it has simply made the patch look like it has broken out from the paint surface. Further benefits provided via the Werkstat Acrylic Kit include the use of extremely little effort (even in cold and humid environments) and excellent durability. With a single application of one of the three constituent elements on a vehicle that will drive daily, it typically lasts for three months, although this can be extended almost indefinitely if a fixed quick detailing is performed . If your budget is too small to buy the Werkstat Acrylic Kit, there is an option to choose from that is worth considering. The first is the Blackfire All Finish Paint Protection, which delivers an equally intense, seemingly bright wetting, albeit with slightly less sparkling up. Followed by Poorboy's EX-P Sealant, which delivers a good spark with a bright, bright look and provides excellent value for money.