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The origin and development of car seat belts Aug 02, 2018

The origin and development of car seat belts

Seat belts existed before the invention of the car. In 1885, when the carriage was widely used in Europe, the seat belts at that time were simply to prevent passengers from falling off the carriage. By 1910, seat belts began to appear on the plane. In 1922, the sports car on the racing track began to use seat belts. In 1955, the US Ford sedan began to wear seat belts. In general, the seat belts of this period were mainly two-point seat belts. In 1955, the aircraft designer Niels invented the three-point seat belt after working at Volvo Cars. In 1963, Volvo Cars began registering Niels' three-point car seat belts and assembling them on self-produced cars. In 1968, the United States stipulated that seat belts should be installed on the seats facing the front of the car. Developed countries such as Europe and Japan have also formulated regulations for car occupants to wear seat belts. On November 15, 1992, the Ministry of Public Security issued a circular stipulating that all passengers and front passengers of small passenger cars (including cars, jeeps, vans, and mini-cars) must use seat belts from July 1, 1993. . Article 51 of the Road Traffic Safety Law stipulates that when driving a motor vehicle, the driver and the occupant shall use the seat belt as required. The most widely used is the three-point seat belt.