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The harm of silica dust to the human body Aug 01, 2018

The harm of silica dust to the human body

Silica has important applications in daily life, production, and scientific research, but it sometimes causes harm to humans. The dust of silica is extremely fine, and the specific surface area of 100 m2/g or more can be suspended in the air. If people inhale dust containing silica for a long time, they will suffer from silicosis (because silicon is called sputum, silicon lung is called silicosis). .

Silicosis is an occupational disease. Its occurrence and severity depend on the amount of dust in the air and the amount of silica in the dust, as well as the contact time with people. For a long time, people who work in places with high silica dust content, such as mining, sanding, sandblasting, ceramics, and refractory materials, are susceptible to this disease.

Therefore, in these dusty workplaces, strict labor protection measures should be taken, and various techniques and equipment should be used to control the dust content of the workplace to ensure the health of the staff.