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The importance of tire grip Oct 27, 2018

The importance of tire grip

One of the most important functions of a tire is “grip”, which is the basis for moving the car. The grip of the tire on different roads varies greatly. Generally speaking, asphalt pavement > cement pavement > paving pavement. It is the same road surface, and the tire grip after rain is different. Uneven roads will produce large and small water bottles. When the vehicle passes, the right wheel may encounter stagnant water, and the left wheel does not, so the grip of the left and right wheels will be different, and the vehicle is prone to side slip. Therefore, the grip performance of the tire is very high, and the different tire pattern design has different drainage effects, and the design material of the tire directly affects the grip performance. I remember that Schumacher was unfavorable in the qualifying session in Canada. He only said the fifth time: "We have too many sideways, but I can't figure out why. 100. We don't have enough grip. Very clear. We don't know the reason, we have no reference to this." This obviously makes Schumacher feel that the control of the car is not good. This is a direct relationship with the tires, and his spearhead also indirectly points to the stone bridge tires. It can be seen that the tire grip in various road conditions has a great influence on the driving feeling.