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Hankook Tire Company Introduction Oct 27, 2018

Hankook Tire Company Introduction

Established in 1941, Hankook Tire is Korea's first tire company. After more than 70 years of development, Hankook Tire has continued to innovate and develop, and its business has spread all over the world. In addition to Korea's global headquarters, Hankook Tire has three regional headquarters (China, Europe and America) and 27 branches. Hankook Tire has a sales network in 180 countries and employs more than 20,000 employees. People, nearly 70% of their annual income comes from increasingly mature overseas markets. Continuous technology research and development is also an important reason for the continued development of Hankook's tire business. Hankook Tire will invest 5% of its annual revenue in research and development, and has established five R&D centers around the world (located in Korea, China, Japan, the US and Germany) to develop cutting-edge technologies.