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Rally introduction Nov 30, 2018

Rally introduction

The rally is a long-distance race that tests the performance and quality of the vehicle and tests the driver's driving skills in a country or across several countries on a dirt road, gravel road or asphalt road. The competition is carried out in several stages within the specified date. In each stage, several stages of speed measurement connected by the driving section are alternately carried out, and the length of each stage is not more than 30 kilometers. The competition uses a single departure method, and each vehicle group consists of one driver and one co-pilot. The final score is calculated by the time when all the special road sections are completed by each train group and the time spent on the driving section. The shorter the time, the higher the ranking. The race has strict restrictions on the travel time of the driving section, and will be punished for being late or early.

Each race in the rally is usually 3 days, and 20 to 30 stages called SS (SpecialStage) are drawn on the pre-set track. Each stage is as short as 3 kilometers and up to 30. Kilometers. The racing driver drives the car to pass the stage as quickly as possible to determine the ranking. Of course, the organizers of the competition must carry out the most stringent management of the stage. Except for the Safari Rally, other vehicles are strictly prohibited in all stages of the rally. A car is set to enter the race every 2-3 minutes on each stage. The biggest difference between rally cars and F1 and other venue car races is that the racing players who staggered the time were playing without seeing the competitors at all. In addition, the rally car is equipped with a navigator, and the navigator sitting in the passenger seat indicates the direction of the car racer through the road map called "PaceNote". With the cooperation of the navigators, the players can pass through every corner at a speed beyond the imagination, with the fog or the rain and snow, and finally those who can conquer the obstacles of nature and complete the competition in the shortest time. Will win the victory.