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Japan Factory Address: 9-2, Ihozakiminami, Takasago-shi, Hyogo, Japan

Genuine Car Body Glass Coating

Nano-glass, genuine body glass coating,Our body glass coating agents are super hydrophilic.

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Nano-glass, genuine body glass coating,Our body glass coating agents are super hydrophilic. 

A siloxane structure is combined with a non-solvent based fluorine resin for a beautiful finish that just wicks water away.Achieve a deep and luxurious gloss and amazing durability

In addition, it provides excellent runoff that will keep silica scale droplets from adhering to the surface.

Depending on how the car is stored and maintained, this treatment will last between six months to three years.

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We KISHO Corporation is doing OEM (Contract Manufacture) of car care products. We will promise to deliver highly functional and high quality car care products that are full of originality to our customers by making full use of knowledge and experience that we have offered products to major manufacturers as OEM for about half a century. KISHO CORPORATION will continue to challenge for raw material research and product development, production, quality control, all in all.

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