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No need for polishing to brighten the paint May 22, 2018

No need for polishing to brighten the paint

According to the different nature of the choice of automotive beauty products manufacturers, some stores prefer to cover the paint defects to enhance the brightness and color of the paint, rather than the traditional way of polishing abrasives to really eliminate paint defects, the market has A class of products that cover minor flaws in the paint. This type of product does not exist in a single form. Some waxes, coating agents, and closures also contain fillers. In practical applications, the contrast between the pre- and post-construction results shows that the fine defects of the paint surface are reduced. This situation can also happen after using certain specific car washes to wash the car. Usually the manufacturer will mark the type of brightening and glazing on such car wash to show its characteristics.

The working principle of concealment is usually to fill up the fine scratches of the paint surface, reduce the diffuse reflection caused by light, and increase the specular reflection, so that the paint surface looks brighter.