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German HEYNER wiper rear window multi-function series advantage Jul 07, 2018

German HEYNER wiper rear window multi-function series advantage

German HEYNER wiper has two types of rear window wipers with traditional bone and composite boneless!

1. Add 304 stainless steel support on both sides of the strip to make the pressure distribution more uniform.

2. Anti-rust fully galvanized steel frame makes the wiper last longer.

3. The nano-graphite coating makes the strip more durable and elastic.

4. Passed the 1.8 million durable brush test in the Detroit lab in the United States.

5. Quick-fit universal joint system with independent intellectual property rights, suitable for 90% hatchback, off-road vehicles and commercial vehicle rear window wipers, easy to install, accurate matching, inventory reduction to the limit, adapt to more models.