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Automobile purchase tax in developed countries Jul 06, 2018

Automobile purchase tax in developed countries

1.The United States encourages hybrid vehicles, and the economy cars sold in the US market account for about 60% of total sales. Although the United States does not have a tax policy on emissions, the United States encourages the consumption of diesel and hybrid vehicles. For example, the IRS provides tax deductions for users of hybrid vehicles up to $3,500, as well as state and government tax incentives to offset some of the increased costs associated with the use of hybrid vehicles.

2.Japan's small car purchase tax is low in Japan, and the cost of the car purchase phase is divided into consumption tax and purchase tax, which are 5% and 3% to 5% respectively. Ordinary cars pay a 5% purchase tax, while mini cars only need to pay 3%. Household cars are divided into two types: lighter automatic cars with 1 liter displacement and ordinary automatic cars with 1 liter or more. Correspondingly, the purchase tax for small cars is only about half that of large cars. There are also corresponding discounts on the vehicle driving tax, weight tax and possession tax included in the car fare.

3.South Korea's mini-car duty-free projects Many Korean governments have preferential policies for small-displacement vehicles from purchase to use and maintenance. For example, in the special consumption tax of a car, a car with a displacement of 2.0L or more is required to pay 10% of the total car price, a car with a price of 0.8L to 2.0L pays 5%, and a car with a dissatisfaction of 0.8L is exempted; in terms of vehicle registration tax, etc. The mini-cars are also tax-free. In addition, the mini car can also be exempted from driving license tax, and enjoy the discount of halfway fees.