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Car exhaust pipe Sep 30, 2018

Car exhaust pipe

The automobile exhaust bellows, also known as the automobile exhaust pipe hose, is installed in the exhaust pipe between the exhaust pipe of the engine and the muffler, so that the entire exhaust system is flexibly coupled, thereby reducing vibration and noise, and facilitating Install and extend the life of the exhaust muffler system. It is mainly used in light-duty vehicles, mini-cars and passenger cars. Its structure is double-layer bellows covered with steel mesh sleeves, and the structure of the outer side of the straight-side jacket snap ring, in order to make the sound-absorbing effect better, the bellows can be equipped with telescopic Section or net set. Material: The main material is stainless steel SUS304, the ferrule and the connecting material can be stainless steel or aluminized steel.