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accelerator definition Sep 29, 2018

accelerator definition

The accelerator is also known as the "damper" and the "throttle." It refers to the control device that controls the engine power (thrust). In a piston aeroengine, the accelerator controls the throttle opening of the carburetor to control the amount of cylinder charge to determine the engine's output. On gas turbine engines, the throttle controls the metered fuel flow of the fuel regulator to determine the thrust generated by the engine. The throttle position is controlled by the driver in the cockpit and is controlled by a carburetor or fuel regulator that is transmitted to the engine by a steering system, a rocker arm, a torsion tube, a cable, a pulley, a sector wheel, and the like. On the aircraft, the throttle lever is always pushed forward to increase the power (thrust), and the rear pull is to reduce the power (thrust).