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Airbag structure principle Sep 10, 2018

Airbag structure principle

It is mainly composed of airbag sensor, anti-collision airbag and electronic control device. The driver side anti-collision airbag device is in the steering wheel; the passenger side anti-collision airbag device is generally mounted on the instrument panel. The airbag sensors are mounted to the left, right, and center of the cab partition, respectively; the central airbag sensor and airbag system are mounted with electronic controls. The airbag assembly is mainly composed of an airbag, a gas generator, an igniter, and the like. The electronic control device is used for data acquisition and data processing, and for diagnosing the reliability of the airbag, ensuring that the ignition signal is issued in time when the preset value is reached, and the timing is ignited to ensure that the driving gas generator has a sufficiently large driving current. Wait.