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Advantages and disadvantages of invisible garments Jun 24, 2018

Advantages and disadvantages of invisible garments

The benefits of stealth garments are relatively high, such as the ability to block the continued infiltration of lacquer by acid rain, bird droppings, dust, sand, ultraviolet rays, etc.; to prevent minor scraping caused by sand and stone splashing, branch scratching, etc.; The glossiness makes the body lastingly bright; it has a certain self-repair ability (TPU material) for minor scratches; it can also play a certain role in thermal insulation.

However, there are many advantages, but the stealth clothing is not without defects, the first is its higher price, even if it is a poorer PVC material, the general price of the car is generally about seven or eight thousand, and TPU material is usually more It is as high as 10,000 yuan or more; secondly, its construction method is also relatively tedious, and when the accident occurs in the vehicle part, it is necessary to replace the entire garment; at the same time, if the quality of the selected garment is not over, the glue is very good. It may cause damage to the paint; in addition, most of the clothing will not be flammable without adding flame retardant.