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Wheel Coating Set 100% Inorganic Silicon Composition

Kisho Auto Wheel Coating Manual Designation of product: kisho auto wheel coating Content: 1. 5 Si-02 wheel coating agents (10 ml); 2. 1 Manual. Product features: 10ml/bottle enough for one car wheel rim. Durability: 2 years. Feature: Specially designed for auto wheel rim only Fast-dry ceramic...

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Kisho Auto Wheel Coating Manual

Designation of product: kisho auto wheel coating

 1. 5 Si-02 wheel coating agents (10 ml);
 2. 1 Manual.

Product features:
 10ml/bottle enough for one car wheel rim.
 Durability: 2 years.

 Specially designed for auto wheel rim only
 Fast-dry ceramic coating, no need wipe by towel
 Long durability
 Make the wheel rim glossy and shiny
 Super water-repellent performance
 Enhance the wheel rim anti-fouling and self-cleaning
 Reduce the dust adhesion
 Make auto wheel each washing

it creates a shiny, water repellent coating which enhances the texture of the wheel by not allowing any dirt to stick to the surface. This results in a longer lasting beautiful shine. You can use it on a wide range of materials. It does not damage the sensitive material of the aluminum wheel because abrasive compounds are not included.

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