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KISHO Glass Coating

  • Si-901 Ceramic Coating Materials

    Si-901 Ceramic Coating Materials

    Si-901 is kisho's best product, mainly based on polysiloxanes, with the best brightness, hydrophobicity and durability,It is a customer's favorite.

  • Global Vehicle Maintenance Expert

    Global Vehicle Maintenance Expert

    Global Vehicle maintenance expert

  • KISHO Si-02 Wheel Coating

    KISHO Si-02 Wheel Coating

    All KISHO products prevent damage from environmental factors such as acid rain, UV rays and oxidisation. KISHO is more durable than Wax, Quartz or Clearcoat finishes and provides excellent, deep gloss finishes on paintwork.

  • Car Body Coat

    Car Body Coat

    ​NO.1 automotive in Japan

  • X-03 Hydrophobic Maintenance Agent

    X-03 Hydrophobic Maintenance Agent

    Glass coating protects the paint, X-03 maintenance agent protects the glass coating layer, and the two complement each other to better protect the paint

  • 701+901 Perfect Combination

    701+901 Perfect Combination

    100% inorganic silicon coating agent, 701+901 perfect combination. Double protection of the paint surface

  • Maintenance Agent Free Sample

    Maintenance Agent Free Sample

    There is a good market for these glass coating product in all over the world

  • Nano Coating Free Sample

    Nano Coating Free Sample

    KISHO Corporation Ltd. has many years of successful production experience in the chemical industry. With its own production facilities, the company produces a wide range of products for automotive industry and is the owner of the KISHO trademark widely represented in many...

  • Motorcycle Special Products

    Motorcycle Special Products

    Si-701 is a multi-functional coating product that can be used in addition to improve the overall gloss of the motorcycle.

  • Factory Provides Free Samples

    Factory Provides Free Samples

    A wide range of glass coating products, in order to let you better experience the perfect effect of the product, the factory can provide free samples

  • Si-901 Super Glass Coating

    Si-901 Super Glass Coating

    Our iconic Si-901 ceramic coating includes improved gloss, hydrophobicity, and increased chemical resistance... we've improved it in every possible way! now we’ve increased the resistance to road salt build-up while keeping the same great chemical resistance of pH1~13 inclusive!

  • Anti UV Coating For Glass

    Anti UV Coating For Glass

    1.Good leveling 2.Good Gloss 3.High hardness 4.Good adhesion to glass and paint

We're one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of KISHO glass coating in Japan, supplying OEM service for major global brands' service providers. Feel free to get customized KISHO glass coating made in Japan or the free sample here with our factory.