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Si-901 Dust Corrosion Acid Rain UV Glass Coating Value Kit

Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-901 Manual Designation of product: kisho glass coating value kit Si-901 Content: 1. 8 Si-901 glass coating agents (30ml); 2. 8 Glass coating sponges; 3. 1 Manual. Product features: Si-901 glass coating agent is top-level kisho glass coating product, featured with...

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Kisho Glass Coating Value Kit Si-901 Manual


Si-901 glass coating agents8bottles (30ml) 
Glass coating sponges8pcs

Product features 

Si-901 glass coating agent is top-level kisho glass coating product, featured with various glass coating advantages for top performance. 

The main component of glass coating is silica, which forms a layer of 1-2 micron glass film on the finish. The glass film isolates the paint from the air to prevent oxidation and scratches on the paint and increase the hardness of the paint (2H To 9H) and gloss (40-50% increase), strong antifouling properties, so that the paint in a three years period to maintain a brand new state. Within 5 years do not need polishing, waxing, sealing glaze.

Inorganic crystal glass coating, paint can provide a full range of highly efficient protection, increase the hardness and smooth finish, improve anti-fouling performance, isolated from outside acid rain, guano and other corrosion. You can also make the old car thoroughly renovated, play a brighter color, brightening effect.

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