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Why wash the engine? Feb 05, 2019

Why wash the engine?

When the oil is operated in a high temperature environment, oxidation and pollution will inevitably occur. Therefore, after a period of use of the engine, it will produce carbon deposits, oil stains, and gelatin. These contaminants will shrink or even block some of the engine's delicate oil circuits, making it impossible for the oil to properly lubricate the various components of the engine. When the car is started, especially in cold start, the engine is not easy to wear because the oil can not provide effective protection to the engine in time. In addition, the adhesion of sludge to the cylinder wall also increases friction, resulting in fuel consumption. At the same time, dirty oil can cause insufficient oil pressure, which causes the valve with hydraulic tappet to fail, causing abnormal noise, unstable idle speed, and reduced engine power.

Therefore, for some cars that have not been cleaned and maintained for a long time, the oil replacement period is long, and the road conditions are bad, the simple replacement of the oil can not keep the engine inside clean, then the engine cleaning is required. For a normal vehicle, it is necessary to clean and maintain the engine when driving to 40,000-50,000 km.