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What should you watch out for after liquipel nano coating? Mar 20, 2018

After many people buy a new car, in order to make the paint finish lasting, it will make a crystal for the car.

What should you watch out for after liquidize nano coating?

1. The crystal plated vehicle is forbidden to touch by hand after the film is not completely hardened.

2.Construction-plated vehicle, after the film is not completely hardened, do not touch water for 24 hours, do not wash the car in 7 days

3. During the construction of the crystal-plated vehicles, when the rainy season is frequent, it is necessary to clean the vehicles in time to avoid the occurrence of rain marks due to sun exposure.

4. According to the frequency of use of the vehicle, KISHO Glass Coating manufacturer recommends that a curing Kisho premuam top coating value kit X-03 protectant be cured for 3-6 months.