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What is the role of clay? May 26, 2018

What is the role of clay?

Clay is usually used after a daily car wash to remove paint attachments that cannot be removed during the car wash. Some of the paint attachments cannot be seen with the naked eye. The clay can remove these attachments and lift the paint to a more smooth state, ensuring the adhesion and long-lasting of LSP (wax/seal/coating, etc.).

It is also necessary to use beauty clay before polishing. It is also possible to avoid the adhesion of paint attachments to the polishing discs during polishing and affect the polishing effect.

In practical applications, beauty clay can also be used on glass and rims. It also has a good effect. Please note that cosmetic clay does not have the ability to remove scratches. Different cosmetic clays have different cutting forces. When judging which strength clays should be used, the degree of contamination of the work surface is used as a criterion for judging that the more serious the pollution is, the more clay is needed