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What are ordinary batteries and maintenance-free batteries? Dec 11, 2018

What are ordinary batteries and maintenance-free batteries?

The ordinary maintenance type lead-acid battery is composed of a positive and negative plate, a separator, a casing, an electrolyte and a wiring pile head, and the chemical reaction of the discharge is based on the active material of the positive electrode plate and the active material of the negative electrode plate in the electrolyte (dilute sulfuric acid solution). Under the influence of the action, the grid of the plates is made of lead-bismuth alloy. In the process of using the traditional battery, liquid reduction will occur. This is because the bismuth on the grid will contaminate the lead on the negative plate, causing excessive decomposition of water. A large amount of oxygen and hydrogen will overflow from the positive and negative plates, respectively. cut back.

The maintenance-free battery is made of lead-calcium alloy. Because the battery uses lead-calcium alloy as the grid, the amount of water decomposition during charging is small, the evaporation of water is also low, and the shell is sealed and the sulfuric acid gas is released. It is also rare, so it has the advantages of no need to add any liquid, less corrosion to the wiring pile head, wire and body, strong anti-overcharge capability, large starting current and long battery storage time compared with the traditional battery.