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Use of glass water Dec 22, 2018

Use of glass water

The so-called glass water is a common name for automobile windshield cleaning fluid, and it is a consumable item used in automobiles. Generally speaking, the glass water in the retail market of China's products can be divided into three types: one is commonly used in summer, and the insecticidal component is added to the cleaning liquid to quickly remove the fly residue that hits the windshield; The anti-freeze type glass cleaning liquid specially designed for winter use guarantees that when the outside temperature is lower than minus 20 °C, it will not freeze and freeze the car facilities; the other is the special anti-freeze type, which guarantees that it will not freeze at minus 40 °C. It is suitable for use in the coldest areas of the northernmost part of China.

When you feel the transparency of the front windshield of the car is poor, then spraying a glass of water will give you a "clear and clear" view. Especially when driving at night, glass dust will scatter light. At this time, it is necessary to spray a glass of water to keep the front windshield in an optimal transparent state. In addition, glass water consumption is very fast in dusty environments and when running on highways in rainy days.