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Toyota Corolla model overview Jan 31, 2019

Toyota Corolla model overview

The biggest advantage: low fuel consumption; comfortable driving, stable driving; rich interior configuration.

The biggest shortcomings: frequent faults, burning oil, deviation, abnormal noise, circuit problems, etc. Recently, most of the netizens have reflected more on the problem of universal joints and car CD failures, and questioned the design flaws of the steering machine; Soft.

Appearance: The appearance is moderate and steady, there is no outstanding highlight, it is more suitable for household use.

Interior: the overall style of the interior is simple, the center console design is medium-sized, the seat is wide and comfortable, the air-conditioning effect can be, the workmanship is good, but some netizens reflect the taste inside the car, the recent universal joint failure and the car CD problem users More reflections, said that the CD has a button failure, black screen, disc automatically pop-up, garbled and other issues, and questioned the design flaws of its steering machine.

Space: The overall space is sufficient, but it is not suitable for big men. The front row is spacious, the rear row space is insufficient, and the storage space is practical and convenient.

Toyota Corolla appearance

Toyota Corolla appearance

Control: The overall driving is comfortable and the driving is stable. The netizen said that “the driving is very stable. It feels more stable when driving at 120 km/h on the highway”, but the direction pointing accuracy is low; the sense of frustration is obvious, and some netizens report the phenomenon of deviation. The noise is small, especially when it is idle; the suspension is soft, it can filter the bumps on the road, the comfort is better, but the brakes are soft; affected by Toyota's global recall, the 2011 Corolla standard brake priority system The brake effect has been improved.

Power: The overall power is good, the speed is fast, but the start is more meat, the engine noise is small, the netizen said that "the sound is very quiet, the sound inside the car is very small", the new dual VVT-i engine and CVT CVT are perfectly matched, 2.0L power is abundant The six-speed manual transmission has high precision and clear gear; however, the four-speed gearbox is relatively backward.

Fuel consumption: high fuel economy, low overall fuel consumption, and high satisfaction of netizens.