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The working principle of the polishing machine May 09, 2018

The working principle of the polishing machine

The polishing machine consists of a base, a disc, a polishing fabric, a polishing cover, and a cover. The motor is fixed on the base, and the taper sleeve for fixing the polishing disc is connected with the motor shaft through the screw. The polishing fabric is fastened to the polishing plate by a ferrule. After the motor is turned on by the switch on the base, the sample can be pressed by hand to be polished on the rotating polishing plate. The polishing liquid added during the polishing process can flow into the square plate placed next to the polishing machine through a drain pipe fixed in a plastic tray on the base. Polishing cover and cover can prevent dust and other debris from falling on the polishing fabric when the machine is not in use and affect the use effect.

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