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Tension wheel structure principle Sep 09, 2018

Tension wheel structure principle

In order to maintain proper belt tension and prevent belt slip, compensate for belt wear and elongation caused by aging, the tensioner requires a certain amount of torque during actual use. When the belt tensioner is running, the moving belt may provoke vibrations in the tensioner, causing premature wear of the belt and the tensioner. To this end, add a resistance mechanism to the tensioner. However, due to the many parameters affecting the torque and resistance of the tensioner, the influence of each parameter is not the same, so the relationship between the components of the tensioner and the torque and resistance is very complicated. Torque changes directly affect the change of resistance, and are the main influencing factors of resistance. The main factor affecting torque is the parameter of torsion spring. Appropriately reduce the diameter of the torsion spring to increase the resistance of the tensioner.