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Rear axle definition Sep 06, 2018

Rear axle definition

The rear axle refers to the rear drive shaft component of the vehicle's power transmission. It consists of two half-bridges that perform half-bridge differential motion. At the same time, it is also used to support the wheels and the devices that connect the rear wheels. If it is a front axle driven vehicle, then the rear axle is just a follower bridge, only to play the role. If the front axle is not a drive axle, then the rear axle is the drive axle. In this case, in addition to the load-bearing function, it also plays the role of driving and decelerating and differential. If it is four-wheel drive, it is usually equipped with a branch in front of the rear axle. Actuator. The rear axle is divided into an integral bridge and a half bridge. The integral bridge is equipped with a non-independent suspension, such as a leaf spring suspension, and a half bridge with an independent suspension, such as a MacPherson suspension.