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Precautions before engine compartment cleaning Dec 13, 2018

Precautions before engine compartment cleaning

1. Do not use high pressure water gun to clean

Many parts in the engine compartment (especially near the cylinder head), not only muddy water and floating soil, but accumulated sludge for a long time, so pure water can not be washed away. In addition, if you do not understand the engine structure, blindly flushing with a high-pressure water gun will also cause damage to other parts of the engine compartment, such as ignition coils, fuse boxes and other parts.

2, it is recommended to park the car in a place with a drain

Although it is not suitable for flushing with a water gun, there will be sewage flowing to the ground after cleaning. It is recommended to park the vehicle in a place with a drain before engine cleaning, such as a well and a manhole at the side of the road.

3, with a protective mask such as a mask, gloves, etc.

Engine cleaners have side effects on the human body and smell very irritating; it is not good to inhale the dust in the engine compartment during washing, so it is best to wear gloves and a mask.