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Power Take Of explains Sep 15, 2018

Power Take Of explains

The power take-off is connected to the drive shaft or directly connected to the gear pump. In Europe and North America, there are many different types of power take-offs. Power take-off manufacturers (eg Hydrocar, PZB, Muncie, etc.) have designed different interfaces at the output of the power take-off to meet different types of interface requirements. Commonly used output interfaces are: DIN 5462, SAE "B" 2 & 4, SAE "C" 2 & 4, etc. The output flange forms are generally: DIN20, DIN10, SP1300, SP1400, etc. The DIN 5462 interface in Europe is very common. The gear pump manufacturers will design according to this interface. In order to perfectly connect with the power take-off, the intermediate drive shaft is saved, reducing the space.