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Porsche Company Introduction Jan 15, 2019

Porsche Company Introduction

Porsche, the German car brand, the founder of the company, Ferdinand Porsche (also translated as Ferdinand Porsche), invented the electric wheel motor at the age of 24 (1899), at the second year of the Paris International Exhibition, Porsche Has been famous all over the world. With its distinctive features, the Porsche-style car, the rear-mounted engine and excellent performance make it a well-known car. At the 1963 Frankfurt International Motor Show, the Porsche 911 was demonstrated, and the design has a wide market until now. Its body designer is Ferry, the eldest son of Porsche, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, Porsche 928 with rear gearbox chassis and V-8 engine, new technology 959, and four-wheel drive system with electronic adjustment. The 911 Carrera 4 with its lift-free body is the most important development in recent years.

Very few brands can sell luxury goods like the ones they sell, just like Porsche. In the advertisement of the new Porsche 911, there is such an ad: "In an era of superfluousness and superficiality, in a time of frivolity and roughness, only the Porsche 911 is a real necessity. There is no substitute."

Porsche's English car index uses the surname of Ferdinand Porsche, the founder of Porsche in Germany. The graphic logo uses the shield city emblem of the company's location in Stuttgart. The word "PORSCHE" is at the top of the trademark, indicating that the trademark is owned by Porsche Design; the trademark "STUTTGART" in the trademark is above the horse, indicating that the company is headquartered in Stuttgart; the middle of the trademark is a horse, indicating the place of Stuttgart It is rich in a kind of famous stallion; the upper left and lower right of the trademark are the patterns of antlers, indicating that Stuttgart used to be a good place for hunting; the yellow stripes on the upper right and lower left of the trademark represent the mature wheat color, which refers to the grain of the grain, the trademark The black color represents fertile land. The red color in the trademark symbolizes people's wisdom and love for nature. It forms a superb and beautiful landscape painting, showing the splendid past of Porsche and foretelling Porsche. The company's bright future, the Porsche sports car is outstanding.