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Lubrication system introduction Dec 28, 2018

Lubrication system introduction

When the engine is working, each moving part acts on another part with a certain force, and a high-speed relative motion occurs. With relative motion, the surface of the part must generate friction and accelerate wear. Therefore, in order to reduce wear, reduce frictional resistance, and extend service life, there must be a lubrication system on the engine.

The function of the lubrication system is to continuously deliver a sufficient amount of clean oil with sufficient temperature to the friction surface of all transmission parts while the engine is working, and form an oil film between the friction surfaces to achieve liquid friction, thereby reducing frictional resistance and reducing Power consumption, reduce wear and tear of the machine, in order to improve the reliability and durability of the engine. Lubrication methods include pressure lubrication, splash lubrication, and grease lubrication.