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LLumar brand introduction Jun 26, 2018

LLumar brand introduction

LLumar is a window film brand affiliated to Eastman Chemicals, USA. Founded in the 1970s, LLumar is well-received with advanced technology research and development, excellent production capacity, extensive global distribution, and high-quality customer service.

LLumar has an advanced window film production and manufacturing base with an area of 800,000 square feet and distribution throughout the world. Rich product specifications to meet the different needs of customers.

Eastman Chemical is the world's leading specialty chemicals company, and it is also the world's leading window film manufacturing company. Its products are widely used in various fields of people's daily life. The company is headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee and listed on the US New York Stock Exchange. Corporate (NYSE: EMN), Fortune 500. The company has approximately 13,500 employees and 42 manufacturing facilities worldwide, with operations in nearly 100 countries. Concerned with environmental protection, social responsibility and brokerage development, it won the 2012 ENERGY STAR Annual Award from the US Environmental Protection Agency.