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KDX Window Film Introduction May 31, 2018

KDX Window Film Introduction

KDX Window Film Division was established in 2015. In just two years, it has become a subverter of the domestic window film industry. The leader in the world window film industry is relying on many different personalities that can directly reach consumer pain points and solve consumer needs. High precision window film products.

KDX not only has safety explosion-proof, excellent heat insulation, anti-ultraviolet rays and other solutions to solve the traditional customer just need KDX top security film, KDX classic insulation film, KDX Atom skin beauty film and other products; also dedicated to enhance customer experience, to create a comfortable car home ,Solutions to the individual needs of many of the "black technology" products, such as building a smart car home KDX intelligent window film, so bright paint as the new KDX stealth clothing family, explosion-proof and thermal insulation properties are at the limit of Yao Shi King of the King 70. In addition, there are all-intelligent vehicle air purifiers, wheel protection rings, and KDX interior films that are built around the life of the vehicle. All of these highlight KDX's leading product R&D capabilities.