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Introduction to three-cylinder engine Nov 19, 2018

Introduction to three-cylinder engine

The three-cylinder engine is an engine consisting of three cylinders. Inside, three identical single-cylinders are arranged on a single body to share a crankshaft output power. The main function is to convert chemical energy into mechanical energy. The basic principle of the three-cylinder engine is that when the chemical energy of gasoline (diesel) is converted into heat energy, the mixed gas in the sealed cylinder is burned and expanded, thereby pushing the piston to work and converting the heat energy into mechanical energy. Main use: Powering traditional fuel vehicles and new energy hybrids.

For the engine, too small single-cylinder displacement increases the surface area ratio of the combustion chamber, resulting in increased heat loss and significantly reduced engine thermal efficiency. Excessive single-cylinder displacement makes the flame propagation distance longer, which is likely to cause knocking. There is no significant improvement or even a decrease in engine thermal efficiency. After analysis and experimental verification, 0.33L-0.5L is the best single cylinder displacement range.