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How should ultra-fiber cloth and microfiber towels be cleaned? May 13, 2018

If the towel used for car beauty is not cleaned properly, it will become a scratch maker.

How should ultra-fiber cloth and microfiber towels be cleaned?

Use warm water as much as possible when cleaning towels, and dry naturally. Do not use alkaline detergents and laundry detergents for cleaning. Softeners and bleaches should not be used. Because of the properties of the ultra-fibre cloth, the use of incorrect cleaning agents can cause the fibers to be damaged and the performance is greatly reduced.

For daily cleaning of ultra-fiber cloths, such as absorbent cloths and wax cloths, no hard-to-remove stains are left behind under normal car wash steps. Simply use warm water + a small amount of APC or detergent after cleaning. The ultra-fiber cloth used for wiping during polishing can also be cleaned by this method. However, we do not recommend secondary use of the ultra-fiber towel used for wiping the glass coating after waxing, since the silica will adhere after it crystallizes. On the fiber, it may cause damage to the paint after use in the future. For ultra-fiber towels used for interior cleaning, the degree of contamination is usually more severe. We recommend cleaning as soon as possible after use. If there is a small amount of contaminants that cannot be easily removed, there is no need to care too much. It does not affect the cleaning capacity. Interior pollution caused secondary pollution.