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Friction clutch Aug 17, 2018

Friction clutch

The friction clutch is the most widely used and oldest type of clutch. It is basically composed of the active part, the driven part, the pressing mechanism and the operating mechanism. The main and driven portions and the pressing mechanism are basic structures for ensuring that the clutch is engaged and capable of transmitting power, and the operating mechanism of the clutch is mainly a device for separating the clutch. During the separation process, the clutch pedal is depressed, and the free clearance of the clutch is first eliminated in the free stroke, and then a separation gap is generated in the working stroke, and the clutch is disengaged. During the engagement process, the clutch pedal is gradually released, and the pressure plate moves forward under the action of the compression spring, first eliminating the separation gap and exerting sufficient pressing force on the working surfaces of the pressure plate, the driven plate and the flywheel; The release bearing moves backwards under the action of the return spring, creating a free play and clutch engagement.