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Formula Racing World Championship System Introduction Nov 27, 2018

Formula Racing World Championship System Introduction

At present, there are 11 participating teams in the Formula 1 competition. Each team has 2 drivers and 22 drivers must hold the “Super Driver License” issued by the FIA. The competition is held every year from March to October in the world's famous tracks. In 2005, it was divided into 19 races. The race is divided into three days, including free practice on Friday, qualifying on Saturday, and a race starting at 2pm on Sunday. The race route is planned to be approximately 300 kilometers (special for the Monte Carlo track) or 2 hours, ending with the driver completing the race first. During the race, the driver and the team enter the pits to change tires and refuel according to the wear and fuel consumption of the tires.

The competition consists of two championships for the driver's championship and the team championship. The top eight drivers in each game will receive 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 points. At the end of each season, the drivers scored in the year-round competition to get the total points, the highest score is the world champion of the year. The team world champion is scored the same way as the driver.