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Forbes Global's “Most Innovative Enterprise” of the Year May 31, 2018

Forbes Global's “Most Innovative Enterprise” of the Year

On August 8, local time in the United States, Forbes released the "Global Most Innovative Enterprise" annual list. KDX and world-renowned companies such as Salesforce, Tesla, Amazon, Netflix, Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, etc., topped the list, ranking 47th with a 48.5% premium on innovation. At the same time as KDX, there are five Chinese companies such as Shanghai Lai Shi, Tencent Holdings, Ctrip, Baidu, and Hengrui Medicine. Kangde New is ranked 3rd among Chinese companies.

The "World's Most Innovative Companies" list is jointly launched by Forbes Global and Innovator's DNA Consulting. The listed companies must have 7 years of financial data and a market value of $10 billion in the selection threshold. The ranking is based on the company's innovation premium. It aims to discover high-quality companies that use innovation to shake the industry and provide investment guidance for the market.