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Disadvantages of disc brakes Oct 04, 2018

Disadvantages of disc brakes

In addition to the higher cost, disc brakes are basically superior to drum brakes. Disc brakes, also known as disc brakes, are named after their shape. It is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The main components are brake discs, sub-pumps, brake calipers, and oil pipes. The brake disc is made of alloy steel and is fixed to the wheel and rotates with the wheel. The sub-pump is fixed to the bottom plate of the brake and fixed. The two friction plates on the brake caliper are mounted on both sides of the brake disc. The piston of the sub-pump is hydraulically driven by the oil pipe, which pushes the friction plate to the brake disc to generate frictional braking. It acts as if the pliers are used to clamp the rotating plate and force it to stop. The brake has the advantages of quick heat dissipation, light weight, simple structure and convenient adjustment. Especially when the load is high, the high temperature resistance is good, the braking effect is stable, and it is not afraid of muddy water attack. In winter and bad road conditions, the disc brake is easier to stop in a shorter time than the drum brake. Some disc brakes also have a number of small holes in the brake disc to accelerate ventilation and improve braking efficiency. In contrast, drum brakes, due to poor heat dissipation, collect a large amount of heat during braking. Brake shoes and drums are more susceptible to extremely complex deformation under the influence of high temperature, which is prone to brake degeneration and chattering, resulting in reduced braking efficiency. Of course, disc brakes also have their own drawbacks. For example, the manufacturing requirements of the brake and the brake pipe are high, the friction plate has a large amount of wear and is expensive, and since the area of the friction plate is small, the working surface of the relative friction is small, and the required brake hydraulic pressure is high, and it is necessary to It must be used by vehicles with power-assisted devices, so it can only be used on light vehicles. Drum brakes are relatively inexpensive and economical.