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Clutch definition and function Aug 06, 2018

Clutch definition and function

The clutch is mounted between the engine and the transmission and is an assembly directly associated with the engine in the automotive drive train. Typically, the clutch is mounted with the flywheel assembly of the engine crankshaft and is the component that cuts off and transmits power between the engine and the vehicle driveline. During the entire process from the start of the car to normal driving, the driver can operate the clutch as needed to temporarily disengage or gradually engage the engine and the driveline to shut off or transfer the power output from the engine to the driveline. Its function is to gradually connect the engine and the transmission to ensure the smooth start of the car; temporarily cut off the connection between the engine and the transmission, in order to shift gears and reduce the impact during shifting; The separation function prevents overloading of the transmission system such as the transmission, thereby providing a certain protection.