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CarPro of EcH2O Joins Waterless Car Wash Industry May 22, 2018

CarPro of EcH2O Joins Waterless Car Wash Industry

EcH2O is a very versatile product that can clean and enhance the visual effects of your car through some simple and safe construction. Depending on the dilution ratio, it can be used as water-free car washes, rapid maintenance fluids, flush-free car washes, or clay-based lubricating fluids.

Used as a quick maintenance fluid QD

Recommended Dilution Ratio (EcH2O: Water): 1:5 ~ 1:15

Spray and wipe clean

Used as a waterless car wash

Recommended Dilution Ratio (EcH2O: Water): 1:5 ~ 1:10

Spray on a sheet metal piece

Wipe gently with ultra-fiber cloth and change face frequently

Spray again on the same sheet metal part

Wipe with a new microfiber cloth to remove residual dust

Repeat the above steps until the vehicle operation is completed

If needed, wipe with a new Microfiber cloth

Used as a clay lubricating fluid

Recommended Dilution Ratio (EcH2O: Water): 1:40

Use as a no-clean rinse

Recommended Dilution Ratio (EcH2O: Water): 1:200