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Car punch introduction Sep 04, 2018

Car punch introduction

Automobile spring buffer (buffer rubber) is a kind of rubber product with high elasticity and high toughness. It is a car modification accessory. It is used to install the coil spring of the car suspension system, mainly to cushion the shock and protect the shock absorber. This function is a physical function.

The appearance of the cushion rubber is an open circular shape with a groove on the upper and lower sides (for receiving the coil spring) and two, three or more holes on the side. According to the standard specifications of the spring spacing, the buffer rubber is divided into seven standard models: A+A, A, B, C, D, E, and F. In theory, these seven models can cover most of the world's spiral spring suspension models.

Buffer rubber is also called buffer, cushion, buffer block, shock absorber rubber, shock absorber rubber, etc. The most widely and fully correct full name is "car spring buffer rubber", the English name is Car Spring Buffer Retainer.