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Cadillac introduces the brand concept Nov 10, 2018

Cadillac introduces the brand concept

The Jin Ge Iron Horse, which symbolizes the Cadillac royal aristocracy, is brave and good at fighting

The famous Corolla Shield badge used by Cadillac cars symbolizes its leadership in the automotive industry. This profound and exquisite symbol is also a symbol of the Cadillac family as a royal aristocracy, as well as the courage and honor of the founders of Detroit. The Corolla badge is taken from the badge used by Mr. Cadillac. Although the Cadillac badge was not registered as a trademark until 1906. But it has been used since September 1902. The early badge design was that the merlettes were tilted to the left, and a garland of tulip buds extended upwards from both sides and merged at the top of the crown.