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Before and after long-distance driving, these places in the vehicle must be checked Feb 12, 2019

Before and after long-distance driving, these places in the vehicle must be checked

First, the lighting system

The headlights are very important car language. Without the lights, people can't talk, so it's hard for others to understand your thoughts. The heads we need to check are low beam, high beam, turn signal and front fog lights; the lights we need to check at the rear are brake lights, turn signals, rear fog lights and reversing lights. Their inspection method is very simple, it is to light up to see if there is any light, if necessary, we need to replace it in time.

Second, the tire

The tire is the only place where the car is in contact with the ground. Its quality is directly linked to our safety. The inspection of the tires must first look at the appearance. If there are problems such as bulging, cracks, and serious wear, don't be distressed and the money must be replaced. These problems are very likely to cause punctures.

Third, various oils

The inspection of the oil is more complicated than the first two items. The first is the inspection of the oil. The oil dipstick can be pulled out. This thing is a bit tight. The younger sisters are more likely to be afraid of pulling out. The first time the oil dipstick is pulled out, it is not necessary to look at it. Use a paper towel or a rag to wipe the bottom of the oil dipstick with a scale, then insert it into the engine and pull it out. At this time, look at the position of the oil, exceeding the maximum scale or low. Appropriate processing is required at the minimum scale.