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B.M.W car logo meaning Nov 15, 2018

B.M.W car logo meaning

B.M.W. is the Bavarian engine manufacturer. The color and combination of the logo comes from the Bavarian state emblem of BMW (beside the BMW logo in front). BMW Motors started its business with the production of aero engines. Therefore, many people think that the logo represents a rotating propeller, but this is not the case. In fact, the meaning of the blue-and-white mark symmetrical figure is very simple. The blue and white pattern is the state of Bavaria. The emblem is used to remind BMW of the pure bloodlines of Bavaria.

Like Mercedes-Benz, BMW Motors is pursuing the goal of high quality, high performance and high technology, and its production is not high, but it enjoys almost the same reputation as Mercedes-Benz in the world of automotive and users. BMW's acceleration performance and high-speed performance are among the best in the world's automotive industry. Therefore, the police car of all countries is the preferred BMW car. BMW's motorcycles are quite expensive in the international market, even more than luxury cars, priced at about 30,000 US dollars. BMW products have a good athletic gene and are often a big hit in racing events around the world.