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Automotive paint process introduction Oct 10, 2018

Automotive paint process introduction

The standard process of automotive paint includes inspection of the lines of sheet metal repair parts, flat (arc) faces, gaps, sanding and trimming bevels, dust removal, cleaning, care, primer application, filling of putty, polishing of putty, special atom Gray, use P280# sandpaper to completely polish the old paint on the body that needs to be sprayed with intermediate paint, use pressure gun and silicon remover to remove dust and stains on the body, paste the masking paper, spray the intermediate paint, polish the intermediate paint, check: check Grinding effect, can do micro-filling, remove dust and stains on the body, cover the body, blow out the dust spots on the body, remove the dust from the body, blow out the dust on the body, and remove the dust and top paint on the body. Spraying plain paint, spray base paint, varnish spray, baking, waxing and polishing.