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Professional Certification Stable Performance 100% Inorganic Glass Coating Material

Kisho Premium Glass Coating Kit Manual Designation of product:Kisho premium glass coating kit kisho glass coating type of coating characteristics performance Kisho was awarded the highest level of waterproofing for glass-based coatings, which is a superb durability and huge water-repellent...

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 Kisho was awarded the highest level of waterproofing for glass-based coatings, which is a superb durability and huge water-repellent glass-based coating by a clear hard glass film.

Because the glass-type coating forms a reaction-hardening type hard coat, it has high hardness and durability.

With the popularity of professional coatings, consumers and automotive beauty shops face the performance and effectiveness of coatings is also getting higher and higher. In order to meet such a demand, we developed a 701 + 901 double layer coating operation. Taking the best performance of kisho products ever, the water-repellent, high-performance glass-based coatings have been evaluated as "new real glass coatings" and further improve the gloss properties "True gloss of glass coatings.

To provide customers with "excitement", the brand will be adopted all over the world 

We want our customers to experience the beauty of the car by building a kisho glass coating on your favorite car. In order to be able to pass this effect as much as possible, our company has been vigorously develop the international market, to find the perfect construction cooperation store. 

The excellent coating properties of "kisho" can only be achieved by a combination of skilled construction techniques. We strive to deliver value-added services that exceed our customers' expectations by adding expertise to the highest technologies in the development of our products.

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