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Is polishing wax and car wax the same thing? May 10, 2018

Is polishing wax and car wax the same thing?

Not at all, polishing wax itself is a misconception.

Polishing/abrasives usually refer to products that enhance the brightness of the paint by grinding, whereas waxes should be products that simply provide protection. Remember that it is not the wax that is polished, and the wax cannot be used for polishing purposes.

Moreover, the choice of abrasives is also very important for the construction of the kisho ceramic pro nano coating. It requires degreasing with a degreaser before plating. The oily abrasive can not completely remove the scratches, and is easily scratched after degreasing. The aqueous abrasive can be thoroughly cleaned. Clearing scratches, how to choose a good abrasive has a great impact on the aesthetics of the vehicle in the later period.