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How to choose a suitable wax cotton? Oct 06, 2018

How to choose a suitable wax cotton?

1. The texture of the sponge. The sponge must have good elasticity, which is guaranteed to be durable and gives everyone a comfortable grip.

2. The density of the sponge. Different density sponges have different uses. Generally, the density is large, and the pores appear to be small or even indistinguishable from the naked eye, and are often used for waxing, sealing, and the like. A sponge with a rough surface and a honeycomb structure, which is often used to clean surfaces. Sponges between the two are often used in conjunction with abrasives.

3. Sponge closure. Refers to whether the pores of the sponge are opened or covered by adhesion. For the range of the waxing sponge, after the sponge is closed, the friction is reduced, and the medicament is saved. The disadvantage is that it increases the difficulty of cleaning.